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These services can provide a really positive experience for children – for example, keeping in touch with family and friends who live far away, or creating a group on whatsapp when working in a group project at school.As a parent, you can support your child with these sites by focusing on the positive uses, showing them how to block and report and showing an interest in their online lives.Sometimes this is difficult, as on Whats App your phone number is shown by default.Go through the blocking tools of the service with your child, so they know how to stop someone contacting them.Users could exchange real-time messages (loaded with lots of CB slang) on 40 different channels, which later evolved into the concept of rooms.

Notifications overload Being part of a group chat, with lots of messages going back and forth, means you could get a lot of notifications to your device.

If this is done as a malicious act, it can be very hurtful and isolating for the person removed.

Let your child know that if anything worries or upsets them online, they can always come to you for help.

Here are our top tips to help young people with group chat etiquette: Unknown members of the group Remind your child that if they get added to a group chat, there may be other members who they don’t know, who have also been invited by the host of the group.

Even though those people are friends of the host, they are still strangers, so children need to be careful about not giving away any personal information.

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