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In the following sections I describe most of these classes and what you need to know about them - starting with the Loader Manager.This class keeps your Loaders in line with the lifecycle of your activities or fragments.Google did not only introduce Loaders but also deprecated the previous way to handle a Cursor within your activities. With managed cursors queries and requeries are executed on the UI thread.This could cause the app to feel unresponsive or to even display an ANR error message.

So using a final static field for the ID makes your code more readable.

The First, we need to define a table within the database from which we will load our cursor.

In this case, we will define a database table called todo_items for a collection of todo items with a string body and an integer priority.

In this case the method returns the existing instance and your query is not executed again.

Because Android doesn't execute the query again, you need a way to re-initialize the Loader when data, that is used to build the query, changes. You reset your Loader by using the defines methods you must implement to create your Loader, to deal with the results and to clean up resources.

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Since the interface is parameterized you must specify the type of data your Loader holds. As mentioned, the manager only calls this method if no loader for the given ID exists.

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