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Her parents are room-mate friends, who do everything married couples do but choose to remain officially single under the same roof.

She was once a member of the music group “The Boy With the Rainbow Face” alongside Sunny the daughter of Flea, the bassist of the American Band called “The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.” In the band, Sunny plays the lead while Jones serves as the back-up singer and songwriter.Her mother who is obviously proud of her daughter said “She’s really good.” While Jones adores her parents and would do anything they do, she is the opposite of them in that she can’t stand any foul language as they often do.Her career is progressing, and being just 13 years old in 2019, her journey into the showbiz world is just starting, and one hopes she has more performances to deliver to the world and especially her ardent fans.Again, she featured on the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine with her parents, and later appeared in music videos with them.She features in several of Die Antwoord group works, and this was the way that she earned her initial popularity.

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