As accommodating

As much as it pains you to acknowledge, perhaps you have allowed the situation to continue longer than is healthy.

If your accommodating nature is resulting in lost opportunities, it is time to assess your actions and adopt a different approach. Perhaps it's time to share how the support you provide others is impacting you and to suggest a different approach.

Some of the burdens you feel may simply be the cost of holding a job, working with a team, or responding to work demands that burden everyone.

You may need to take a long-term approach to get out of work and relationships that drain you and into more rewarding opportunities.

I draw a line quickly and if you cross it, well that’s it for our relationship. As an adult, I have grown to believe that things are not random, that people are in my life for a reason.

When I was younger, I was just too nice and accommodating and that allowed people around me really take advantage of me. My feelings were always sacrificed for another’s happiness or needs. How am I going to find out what the reason is if I don’t allow the relationship to develop? Where do you draw the line between accommodating others and being abused.

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