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I suggest this first rule: if you’re the kind of guy who tends to pay on dates and that you have underlying motives…Stop doing it! Because this is a demonstration of a lack of integrity.

And lack of integrity is a huge turn-off for women. Does it rely on having money and materialistic possessions? If you haven’t watched the movie Don Juan de Marco with Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando, then watch it and make sure not to miss the opening scene in the restaurant.

As a masculine man, you don’t want to force women to make decisions (outside a business or work environment that is). Not only is it a responsibility but it’s actually a gift, your gift as a man.

Sure from time to time it may be good for some women to learn to activate their capacity to make decisions.

If those are recurrent signs, you have a low self-esteem type on your hands. Well if you’re not very experienced with this kind of woman, and if she’s a real nutcase, my top recommendation would simply be to next her. I’d actually say it’s a sign of wisdom because you will lose a lot of time trying to deal with her.

Technically we sometimes refer to those women as strong low self-esteem types. Signs such as “I have a fat ass” or “I cannot be loved”.

Next came (and is still coming) a stage in which men and women both sought to balance their masculine and feminine inner facets toward “fifty/fifty”, becoming more like one another. Indeed this trend toward sexual similarity can be seen as a major cause of today’s unhappiness in a lot of couples.

What are the common answers we generally get by asking this question?In other terms, you’re acting from a place of manipulation as you’re trying to elicit a specific response in women by trying to please them or by buying their affection. Then you can gain insight by positioning yourself on the lover-provider continuum. He has a good job and can take care of the family’s financial security. I can tell you Depp’s character did not pay for dinner…Another underlying motive men often have is trying to impress women by boasting about their work accomplishments or their new car. We can also get the insight of the female dating expert Tiffany Taylor who states: “We often wield the power at the beginning of the relationship simply because tradition dictates that a man is supposed to ask the woman out. She’s a real nutcase In some other cases, you will encounter women who are real pain in the a… You want to witness any sign that indicates that the woman thinks she’s worthless.No Mister Nice Guy With nutcases don’t do the basic mistake of being too nice to them!

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If such a woman complains that she has a fat ass agree with her! Especially abusive types are not able to understand things like “Morals”. Play a bad guy whose moves she cannot see in advance.

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