Battlefield 3 punkbuster not updating

If, however, you would like to manually update your Punk Buster installations, please download our PBsetup utility and follow the instructions.

This may give a large FPS boost in open, outdoor areas, but possibly may reduce performance in heavily lit scenes.

PBUCON is a Punk Buster Server facility that allows server admins to obtain a remote UDP based console with a running Punk Buster Server version 1.225 or higher.

Admins can use PBUCON to stream PB logging and optionally issue remote commands and optionally ( for some games) stream normal game server logging.

Step 13: A popup will alert you and ask if you are sure you want to remove this program. Step 14: And another pop want you to agree with the „User License Agreement” – Just click „I Agree”, if you do Agree with the. Look under the „Latest PB Versions” and Choose/Select „Battlefield 3”.

– After clicking „I Agree” it will start the Un-installation. Look at the image below to see if it was a succes on your computer too. Step 17: Find the text saying „Software Updates” and click on „Download” Step 18: On this page you will see at the top a red text saying „NOTICE” and alittle to the right there will be a underlined text saying „PBSetup”, click on it to continue. ( Step 20: Choose the Windows versio, the version which work „For All Windows Games”. Step 24: Click on the „I Agree” if you Agree with the „User License Agreement” Step 25: If you get this Box upbox, just click „OK”.

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