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“As a dude, I’m told that I’m supposed to date girls my own age and take care of them, pay for dinner, and so on.

But for that period of time, the roles were reversed. And it felt great—who doesn’t want to be taken care of?

In both cases, they’re doing what would turn the other gender rather than attracting them. She just said that because she has money, you should by her a nice dinner and should not expect her to kick in for the cost. Did she forget that just 20 seconds ago she told men to buy older women expensive dinners?

In the modern era, as both genders are starting to blend into one amorphous mass, gender myopia is very common, and will likely become more so. Okay, do the experiment again: Date ten women over 33 and ten women under 27.

If she hasn’t tried it herself, she’s likely considered it. Try to get your 38 year-old wife or girlfriend into a threesome with you and another woman. Then once you break up with her and get a 24 year-old girlfriend, try to get The exact opposite of reality.

She is more likely to enjoy you for you and less likely to expect you to be Super Man all the time.

This comes back to experience in that she’s lived a bit more and is more likely to understand that men are a package of good and bad qualities.

There are some major advantages to dating an older woman which we may have you reconsidering your habit of chasing those 22 year old administrative assistants around the bar another day longer.

Buckle your seatbelts as I indulge in sweeping generalities and dangerous characterizations all for the sake of good reading.

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