Beren saat and engin akyrek dating

She came home and went to sleep, but couple hours later, she woke up to a phone call that was about to change her life forever.

She told her that Efe was in a serious car accident, and they were all in Gazi Hospital.

Efe was a 19 year-old young man who wanted nothing more than making his sweetheart happy.

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The name of the show speaks for itself: The heroine gets it later when she gets hold of a diary of her father, who died in prison. Beren enjoys singing and even became a performer of the soundtrack to the TV series in - Guz Sancisi, also appeared in commercials Tofita, Rexona, Patos.

Private Life of Beren Saat Beren personal life was full of relationships and divorce.

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The series also had a big hit among viewers and Beren again was very well received in the circles of their admirers.

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