Beyonce and jay z dating

Conspiracy theorists have proposed wild ideas about the Queen's pregnancies.

Fans of the singer have had their eye out for signs that her man was cheating on her for years.

When asked if their respective albums were painful to each other, Jay-Z responded: “Of course.

And both very, very uncomfortable, but the best place in the, you know, hurricane is, like, in the middle of it.”So, what will 2018 bring for the couple?

This cheating and the pain that came later were the mottoes of her 2016 album called lemonade.

Even Jay-Z has admitted that he has not been faithful.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z might be the most famous couple on the planet.

As such, they have tried to keep their relationship under wraps as much as possible.

From that infamous elevator fight to relying on Oprah for dating advice to trademarking their daughter's name, here are the 15 Secrets Even True Fans Didn’t Know About Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s Marriage.

However, the album called Lemonade, and their joined album called Everything is Love re just some of the first hints about the openness of their love and their relationship.

They have both been having enormously great careers and they have been successful since their starts.

Often, rumors will swirl about the couple's relationship long before anyone privy to the truth offers up any confirmation.

Still, you can't be the most powerful couple on earth and still be able to keep everything a secret forever.

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