Bro code for dating

For most men (at least decent ones), it’s a real thing. I guess it’s kind of like a secret fraternity book of guy etiquette or something.

Yet, you’re still expected to understand when you’re making a tragic mistake or why your man’s acting a certain way. If he’s a real friend, he’s not going to act on your advances. As crude as it sounds, it really is bros before hoes.

While I’m sure there’s an ancient book that’s been passed down for generations, I’ll just give you an abbreviated version of the top rules you need to know. The bro code doesn’t approve of women who step out on their friends. Odds are, he’ll just tell your boyfriend what you’ve been up to. Don’t ask your man to choose between you and his friends.

If you want to see these in action, you could always binge No dating an ex without approval. If things were ever serious or it was a bad breakup, guys are supposed to get permission before dating their friend’s ex. I should say this also goes for baby mamas as well, though if this occurs from a casual or friends with benefits kind of situation, the ex rule above applies. Were you sneaking around with another guy and your boyfriend’s best friend saw you? Now if only the guys themselves wouldn’t cheat, everything would be fine. He’s had those friends in his life far longer than you.

To which he replied “yeah we’ve been hanging out she’s a bro” ...... I’ve known this guy since 4th grade and now we’re in college...

“A rule that could potentially affect dating habits is one that has to be invoked numerous times in college: Never. Bro Code, believe it or not, definitely applies to you.

Whether you’re dating, trying to date, hooking up with or just friends with any guy, he probably has a circle of bros who expect him to follow these cardinal rules.

True bros will be good wingmen and will help a bro talk to a girl he might not otherwise talk to.

“Bro Code involving girls is a little more hit or miss as interpretation is entirely under the discretion of the bro,” Shawn says.

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She was hiding her face and I wasn’t 100% sure so I shrugged it off.

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