Bulk updating gem source index

false, true, and :really are the levels :update_sources: Enable/disable automatic updating of repository metadata :backtrace: Print backtrace when Ruby Gems encounters an error :gempath: The paths in which to look for gems :disable_default_gem_server: Force specification of gem server host on push Ruby Gems’ default local repository can be overridden with the GEM_PATH and GEM_HOME environment variables.GEM_HOME sets the default repository to install into.

Show the dependencies of an installed gem The dependency commands lists which other gems a given gem depends on.

The given directory will be the directory you serve as the gem repository.

For The extension files are compressed with the inflate algorithm.

Display information about the Ruby Gems environment The environment command lets you query rubygems for its configuration for use in shell scripts or as a debugging aid.

The Ruby Gems environment can be controlled through command line arguments, gemrc files, environment variables and built-in defaults.

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