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Giving business cards to the women who you are interesting in going out and getting to know romantically is an impersonal, unattractive and arguably lame move for several reasons: 1. These are the type of thoughts that the more experience women are especially likely to have .Giving Out Your Business Card to a Girl You Are Interested In is Tacky and Impersonal Many women will mentally roll their eyes and think “Who does this guy think he is? These are the same women who have been meeting guys and dating for a while, and who figured out what they like and what turns them off in men from the very first moment they meet a guy.

The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work. If you need to make business cards in a hurry and you don’t have fancy design software, Microsoft Word has the tools you need to make and print business cards.First impressions were all positive, but now I would need to come up with a look and what to say on the cards. Being a pretty logical guy I looked into prices and found that the Internet has several free or next to free business card solutions. Now I am not the cheapest bastard in the world, but I do appreciate the need to invest ones money in things that will give a person the highest rate of return.Now the ROR can be in monetary form, or more psychological and intangible form.A huge part of landing any job or attracting the attention of the client is how you present yourself and don’t lie to yourself by thinking that your business card is not an integral part of that presentation.Though many people may not know it, they often have a window of about 10-15 seconds in which their card will either attract the eye of the person viewing it, or whether they will dismiss it and discount you as non-essential to their business.

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