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I grew up in a Reformed home, attended a Reformed church, and went to a Reformed school, and it was the same for most of my friends and family. So this documentary serves at least three purposes: That’s an impressive and long list; Lanphere has put in the time and effort to make this a very special film.

""With the growing resurgence of interest in Calvinism, Ken Stewart's deft discussion of the myths promoted by and against Calvinists is timely indeed. The study aims to help Calvinists primarily, but it will be helpful to detractors wishing to be just in their criticisms.May it do its part to clear away many of the misconceptions that have bedeviled Calvinism over the years!""Calvinism--in various strains--has been one of the most powerful forces shaping Protestant Christianity.I watched this with a group of 20-somethings who had never heard of Shai Linne and they were amused and maybe even a little shocked that “Rap” could be paired up with “Reformed.” But is it really so surprising that a medium which gives primacy to the word would be a great one for communicating the deepest truths about God?While all the Reformed teachers we’re introduced to are quite conservative, they do have some differences among them that aren’t ever discussed.

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