Cassie davis dating travis mccoy

Director: Tamra Davis Keisha comes face-to-face with a stalker and is subsequently forced to make adifficult choice between the men in her life.

After meeting Charles' current flame, Padma, Raquel realizes she must confess her love or possibly lose him forever.

Meanwhile, the school casts Malik in its production of Othello but the supposedly liberal father of the white girl cast opposite Malik won't allow Malik to kiss her in the play Director: Chip Fields The Payne's love their annual tailgating shindig, but when Miranda finds out about Calvin and Mercedes kiss, she becomes ill.

Meanwhile, Diego becomes agitated and starts fighting with people Director: Tyler Perry CJ gets a very important job interview in another city which excites Curtis who begins to think he might finally have the house to himself again. See full summary » Director: Tyler Perry Miranda becomes upset with Calvin and the escapades with Mercedes, plus allowing his family to live at their house.

Director: Dennis Erdman Keisha's relationship with Sean is threatened when Malcolm asks for her help with a problematic situation.

Raquel thinks her breakup with Charles must have been fate when Antonio reappears in her life.

The girls deal with saying bye to Val while Keisha's old friend Raquel returns to Atlanta.

Director: Tamra Davis Keisha is still in hot water with the IRS and prevails on her past love Sean to get her out of it.

April takes the girls roller skating and falls head over wheels for a guy. Director: Tamra Davis Keisha finds herself in hot water with the FBI for staying loyal to Malcolm.

Director: Michelle Mac Laren Keisha has a whirlwind relationship with a captivating British military officer who has a surprising secret.

Raquel goes out with Charles, the intriguing guy she met at the Kappa Boule Ball, then meets sexy auto mehcanic Nate.

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