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If you want to lock your room but need more than ten participants you can subscribe to a deluxe or ultimate room.other security features There are a few more settings that help you keep control of who enters your group.(if you have it enabled) Regular free chat rooms can contain up to 200 participants!All participants can talk, type and send and receive video, all at once! You are not permitted to make any chat group with a title that defames, disparages or excludes any race, creed, religion, national origin, or any other organization, business entity or individual person.You can also send email invitations from this window by clicking the 'invite others' link. Use these links to edit your settings, upload a picture to your group's page, or access the advanced settings where you can set a variety of security features and allow others to manage your group.You can also manage a list of regular members, group 'admins', and a list of 'super admins' who can exert extra control.Since you have already created your room, a small window appears showing your basic settings and presents two selections, join my room, and edit my room.

You can enable an 'admin monitor' that will keep a log of events in your group like bouncing and banning.

First you want to select 'anyone who knows the admin code and is also an admin on my manage members page' from this area of the advanced settings.

After you save your changes you would go to the 'manage members' tab and set members of your group to 'admin' or 'super admin' status.

click the 'save my changes' button at the bottom of the page You are finished setting up the basics!

Check your email for details on your chat group, including ways to customize it.

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