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Other forms of prayer observed are the Raising of Evening and Morning Incense, Midnight Praises, and Morning and Evening Praises.Within the context of non-ritual gatherings and prayer meetings, contemporary forms of prayer and worship are also used.

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Seeking the intercession of saints is a valued component in Orthodox practice, although it is sometimes misunderstood as the worship of those saints.

The understanding behind intercession is that strength and encouragement can be found in commemorating the life of those who lived faithfully, including the martyrs who died for their faith, and that there is value in asking for their prayers.

The Church’s spiritual approach emphasises holiness, Divine Mysteries and fellowship, rooted firmly in the canons of the Holy Scriptures, the apostolic and Orthodox creeds, the teachings of the Church Fathers and the first three ecumenical councils.

Origins Egypt is a land rich in history, blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

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