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This was a legitimate income stream for many users who already had a bit of coding knowledge.

For example, Patrick JS, a Y Combinator-backed founder who we previously profiled, told me his first experience as an entrepreneur was creating and selling My Space layouts.

With a cursor depicting a favorite movie character, or font color combinations that recalled a favorite sports team’s colors, users could use every pixel on the profiles to set themselves apart.

So let’s look back on what made My Space so code-friendly, and on how that friendliness eventually played a part in the site’s downfall.For an entire generation, My Space was a gateway to the addictive social networking platforms that are now a ubiquitous feature of our lives.And for many members of that same generation, My Space was a gateway to another inescapable part of modern life—writing code.According to Angwin, a panicking product manager alerted Harriman that “someone hacked our site” after first noticing a profile with altered font colors and background images.But the accidental feature set was an immediate hit with users.

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Just enter the number of images and the URL's of the images there you go!

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