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In 2014 the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration wrote his British Nationality Report.

He could find no prosecutions other than for organised crime.

This removal led to a steep rise in Sham marriages and fraudulent marriages.

In 2014 the EU named these ‘Marriages by Deception’ in other countries they are known as ‘Marriage Fraud’ or ‘Mariages Gris’.

A man met a woman on a dating site who had several children, they married and she obtained a spouse visa.

None of the above cases and the numerous similar are prosecuted.

a vulnerable woman was targeted by a foreign national, they married in the UK and it transpired that he was already married, not the age he purported to be nor of the profession he said.

In fact not even his address was real that he had given in his home country.

To make matters worse the ‘Certificate of Approval’ system was removed.

This was a process that meant that all foreign nationals had to be checked by the Home Office before they were allowed to marry in the UK.

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