Consolidating 2 gmail accounts

Well, the problem now is that the people who used to do my old email account (Adelphia) were bought out locally by Comcast.

I have to keep using that account for i Tunes, because ALL OF MY PRECIOUS MUSIC is authorized on that account.

Whether your other email accounts are also Gmail addresses or not, Gmail has you covered.

Between email forwarding and Gmail’s Mail Fetcher and Send As features, Gmail is a capable email client.

Common sense tells me that ONLY the music that was purhcased on my account is being downloaded from the library onto my machine and the same for my wife's device.

Isn't there a way to consolidate ALL of the music in our single library onto both devices?

You can continue to use the same account name (an email address) even though you no longer actually have that email/ISP.

Just change your current actual email address in your account settings that Dave linked to above.

I signed up for one years ago to start buying music and what have you.

Go here: log in using the appropriate Apple ID, and click on the Email link. But can I use the same email address as my primary Apple ID account, or will it say, "NO! " In which case, I will have to sign up for a new email address, which puts me in a somewhat worse position...

You can change the email address to which receipts, artist alerts, etc. Unless the system would think that a gmail alias (your-username [email protected]) is a different address...

When I am in i Tunes, all of the music appears to be in a single file ( over 700 songs w/ at least 10 sub-folders for various playlists).

At one point, all of the music/playlists syncronized onto both of our i Pods as they appear in i Tunes.

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The email address for it was my email address at my old home.

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