Consolidating student loans after

When you have Federal loans, they typically are in your name, and always stay in your name. If you get a divorce and are struggling to pay your student loans, switching to an income-based repayment plan may make sense.

Here’s the caveat: when you apply for income-based repayment, the Department of Education will use your Adjusted Gross Income from your tax return, unless you opt for alternative income documentation.

Otherwise, refinancing into a loan without a cosigner will likely be required, but could be tough to do.

If you’re needing a loan to refinance, we recommend Credible to compare the various loan options available.

This program allows you to refinance your DEAL Student Loans along with any other private/alternative student loans you have with other lenders into one new loan.

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Spousal consolidation was available to borrowers in the lat 1990s and early 2000s, before Congress banned it.

Some people still have spousal consolidation loans, which, like they sound, means that two spouses combined their loans.

Some private student loans offer cosigner release, which could be a smart move in divorce.

It can get tricky, so listen closely – here’s what happens to student loans in a divorce.

The bottom line with student loan debt is: Even if your ex agrees to help pay off your student loans, you need to double check that they’re making payments.

BND has two refinancing options based on your state of residence and borrowing history.

The DEAL One Loan allows North Dakota residents to refinance student loans from one or more lenders into one new loan with one monthly payment.

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If both your names are on the loans, things become a bit more complicated.

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