Consolidating units in hospitals

Mc Kay-Dee Hospital is a not-for-profit community focused health system operated by Intermountain Healthcare. With 310 licensed beds, it is the 3rd largest hospital in the Intermountain system, and the 4th largest Hospital in Utah.

Although not directly affiliated with the university, it is located just southwest of the main campus of Weber State University.

Appeals for help in keeping the Hospital open were made, but were unfruitful until an appeal was made to a family friend, David O. He found the Dee in precarious financial condition and took firm steps to alleviate the situation, consolidating departments and closing patient units whose census had fallen below an efficient operating level.

At the same time, he invited other community services to lease space in the building and this income bolstered the Hospital's financial position.

Rates at the Hospital were a day for a private room, for a ward, and for 14 days as a maternity patient. Nurses' work day was 12 hours with 1/2-day off per week when the patient load permitted.

Mc Kay-Dee Hospital serves northern Utah and portions of southeast Idaho and western Wyoming. Dee Memorial Hospital at 24th Street and Harrison Boulevard in Ogden opened on December 29, 1910, and closed on July 12, 1969, with its patients transferring to the new David O. The Dee, as it was called for 59 years, began a second life on November 10, 1971, when the new facility bearing the same name opened its doors adjacent to the Mc Kay, as an integral part of the Mc Kay-Dee Hospital Center. The building's cornerstone was laid in the northwest corner of the building on September 27, 1910 at 12 noon, with community leaders and members of the Dee family attending.

From the very beginning, the story of the Dee Hospital has been interwoven with the life stories of the Dee family. Dee Memorial Hospital was founded in 1910 by Annie Taylor Dee and her children as a memorial to their husband and father. Dee Memorial Hospital Association was incorporated February 3, 1910. The contract to build the Hospital was awarded to C. The Hospital was ready for occupancy on December 29, 1910, and was formally presented to the public in a ceremony on the fourth floor.

Students were housed in the basement of the Hospital and classes were held in the evening after the students had worked full 12-hour shifts.

Later, living quarters were moved to several houses near the Hospital, and this arrangement continued until August 1917, when a Nurses' Home was completed.

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