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This architecture then forms a part of the set-up needed for our Cred Defense Toolkit.Also, there are some environments where deploying yet another agent to Windows endpoints may not be desirable.This is probably due to different releases Microsoft Server OSes.Windows Server 2012 was used on the server-side for all of the lab systems and there was a mix of Windows 10 Enterprise and Pro and Windows 7 Pro for workstations.Note that this configuration is forwarding over HTTP rather than HTTPS.The forwarded event traffic can be encrypted and use HTTPS if desired.

The size of the system will be determined by your environment, but we will not be sending every event, so a modest server can be used and then sized up if requirements change.Alternatively, you could just use “Domain Computers” if you are in a testing environment.Otherwise, using all computers in your environment to initially set up may not be the best idea.Open the Group Policy Management panel and select your domain right-click and select Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here…Type in a name, such as Windows Event Forwarding and select OK.

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