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The remaining specifications compute estimates of at the final parameters using the indicated long-run covariance method.You may use these methods to estimate your equation using one set of assumptions for the weighting matrix , while you compute the coefficient covariance using a different set of assumptions for .The estimator for the variance will be or the no d.f.corrected equivalent, depending on your settings for the coefficient covariance calculation.performs one more step 3 in the iterative estimation procedure, computing an estimate of the long-run covariance using the final coefficient estimates to obtain .

Suppose, for example, that you want to estimate your equation using TSLS weights, but with robust standard errors.

These moment conditions can be quite general, and often a particular model has more specified moment conditions than parameters to be estimated.

Thus, the vector of moment conditions may be written as: In EViews (as in most econometric applications), we restrict our attention to moment conditions that may be written as an orthogonality condition between the residuals of an equation, , and a set of instruments :.

Selecting Note that it is possible to choose combinations of estimation and covariance weights that, while reasonable, are not typically employed.

You may, for example, elect to use White estimation weights with HAC covariance weights, or perhaps HAC estimation weights using one set of HAC options and HAC covariance weights with a different set of options.

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If there are more instruments than parameters, the value of the optimized objective function will be greater than zero.

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