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Body language communicates more about you and your desire than you may think.

In fact, your words may account for only 10% of communicated information, so it is important to use body language to make a good first impression.

While our male counterparts can confuse the heck out of us Dignity Daters, sometimes they can be the best when it comes to dishing out dating advice.

Now that you have access to the Dating with Dignity’s Men’s Advice Column (Starting with these seven dating tips for women from men! Don’t let a man become the center of your universe.

He’s going to wonder how after two dinners and one museum trip you already know that you want him to be your boyfriend.

So even though it’s great to let a new guy know where you are in your life or about your dating goals, take the time to get to know him before you decide.

It will probably make him wonder if you would do the very same thing with every other Tom, Dick and Harry.Another effective technique is to gently bite your lip.This will draw attention toward you and also toward a flirtatious feature of your body.When you know that you have caught his attention, you may want to walk past him, looking at him again.This signals that you are interested in meeting and are available to talk.

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