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In 2011, she was accepted aby the University of Southern California and New York University, finally attending the former by the fall 2012, initially majoring in film and acting, but later switched her major to psychology.

As mentioned, Miranda started her career at the age of three, and was cast in the commercials for such as “Burger King”, “Mc Donald’s” and “Mello Yello”.

Don't get me wrong I'm a massive seddie/jathan shipper but i doubt it'll ever happen since they've known each other for about 5 years and nothing's happened.

Sorry jathan shippers No, I read an article in one magazine where he said that people always expect him to know a lot of technical stuff in real life like his character freddy but really he has pretty much the normal intelligence level of any teenager.

Although single now, she has an impressive rap sheet when it comes to dating.

Her impressive list of boyfriends includes fellow show seeking help from the show's host, Ellen in finding a perfect boyfriend.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Cosgrove “I just went purple…for the planet! “Excited to team up with @sambazon to help save 30 species in 30 days,” she added.

A talent agent was impressed with her singing and dancing skills, so he signed her up for his talent agency, leading to a career in advertising soon after, as well as other roles and shows.

She began homeschooling after she finished elementary school at Maude Price Elementary School in Downey, California, and then enrolled in an online school program, which she did starting in 2006.

Miranda's ethnicity is English, Irish, and French, as told to People Magazine.

She finds it cool how people think she is different ethnicities.

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