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In 1926, the capital (Belotsarsk; Khem-Beldyr since 1918) was renamed Kyzyl, meaning "red".Tuva was de jure an independent state between the World Wars.In 1930, the pro-Soviet regime discarded the state's Mongol script in favor of a Latin alphabet designed for Tuva by Russian linguists. Under the leadership of Party Secretary Salchak Toka, ethnic Russians were granted full citizenship rights and Buddhist and Mongol influences on the Tuvan state and society were systematically reduced.Tuva became a part of the Soviet Union in 1944, with the approval of Tuva's Little Khural (parliament).Tsar Nicholas II ordered Russian troops into Tuva in 1912, as Russian settlers were allegedly being attacked.Tuva became nominally independent as the Urjanchai Republic before being brought under Russian protectorate as Uryankhay Kray under Tsar Nicholas II, on 17 April 1914.Meanwhile, in 1911 Mongolia became independent, though under Russian protection.

A majority of the population are ethnic Tuvans who speak Tuvan as their native tongue, while Russian is spoken natively by the Russian minority; both are official and widely understood in the republic.Tuva was a signatory to the March 31, 1992 treaty that created the Russian Federation.A new constitution for the republic was drawn up on October 22, 1993.The state's first ruler, Prime Minister Donduk, sought to strengthen ties with Mongolia and establish Buddhism as the state religion.This unsettled the Kremlin, which orchestrated a coup carried out in 1929 by five young Tuvan graduates of Moscow's Communist University of the Toilers of the East.

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From July 1919 to February 1920 the communist Red Army controlled Tuva but from 19 February 1920 to June 1921 it was occupied by China (governor was Yan Shichao [traditional, Wade–Giles transliteration: Yan Shi-ch'ao]).

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