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Click on the button below to nominate Dark Cavern (1982) (M Network, Hal Finney) (MT5667) for Retro Game of the Day.

Should my bestial subject survive, he will be far more than a New-Man..more than a wolf whose evolutionary process was speeded up!! They set a course for Earth before they cross paths with the planet devourer known as Galactus.

He soon finds himself confronted by the Knights as well, however he allows them to capture him and take him into the High Evolutionary's citadel.

Inside, he is shocked when one of the Knights removes his helmet revealing that they are highly evolved humanoid animals.

Meanwhile, in a European country, Count Tagar, Porga and Jane Foster are on their way to the mountain citadel of a man known as the High Evolutionary.

Along the way they are attacked by a group of armed mercenaries who are trying to get access to the High Evolutionary's inventions.

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The energy output of which is visible from the land below the mountains and is spied upon by Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch (who have been in the area attempting to recharge their mutant abilities while on a leave of absence from the Avengers.) Inside the citadel, the Evolutionary's experiment begins advancing the wolf it's full evolutionary potential when he is interrupted by Thor who has come bursting in demanding he be brought to Jane Foster.In spite of their best efforts, Tagar and Porga manage long enough to be rescued by the Evolutionary's defenders, the Knights of Wundagore.Thor arrives shortly there after and finds the battle ravaged soldiers and follows after Jane's trail.The Air Force chopper tried to stay close to the cliff when they were coming in and he had one hell of a time. Frustrated, Brady swung his padded chair around to look into the DC night.He nearly lost it more than once and had to move away ... His right hand drifted down to touch the M-16 leaning against the wall.

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