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They’re worried about the people close to them, as well as what the random person in a grocery store might think of him or her. That’s what I’ve got for you about codependent relationships.

I take this stuff very seriously and I hope you do as well because we’re talking about the difference between a happy, fulfilling life…

But before I dive into the goods, I have a free short guide that might interest you.

Let me tell you a story from years ago when I was dating a BPD girl… Me and my ex took a vacation to a really nice island beach. This side of the island where we were staying had literally no surf at all. The girl I was dating (who is a pretty looking lady if I don’t say so myself) wanted to run around in the water and enjoy herself. I’m going to hang out here on the towel and enjoy the sun. Nothing harmful, just some guys on vacation wanting to have fun and meet people. They had every right to swim towards my girl and talk to her.

I was feeling super awesome in my new blue palm tree pattern board shorts. Board shorts are the best because you can wear them pretty much anywhere. Well, not even 5 minutes go by and there are already a group of guys making their way over to my girl in the water (guys think they’re so sly). But my Codependent mind at the time didn’t like that.

Using your conscious mind, you can see how it makes no sense for me to get all worked up about my girl talking to some random guys in the water.

Whatever fears you have that may transpire from that conversation doesn’t matter. Trust that life works in mysterious ways and that the things that happen outside of your body are not yours to control. This is because once you’re aware of your issues, you won’t actually behave like a codependent. Isn’t it time you learned how to harness this real power and control over your own life? Me and my girl would have never had a failed vacation if I had that self-control and awareness, knowing that there’s nothing wrong with her talking to people.

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  1. “Women regretted having a one-night stand the most, but they weren’t sorry about saying no at all, says Kennair. Women worry more than men generally, and they worry about more than just casual sex.