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Just refuse to be a pawn in their scheme by cutting them off.[Read: How to say no: Stop pleasing people and feel awesome] #5 They have an addiction problem.I know how hard it is to see a family member hurting and not be able to help. Don’t spend your life trying to convince someone you aren’t who they say you are. [Read: How to be dominant: 15 calm and firm ways to be the real alpha] #7 They use love as a control.

Someone who uses breaking a family apart to gain an advantage is toxic.

[Read: 18 emotions you shouldn’t feel in a healthy relationship] #4 They divide and conquer.

Toxic family members usually gain control by doing something called dividing and conquering.

If your family member steals from you, then you have an obligation to cut them out of your life.

The cornerstone of a good relationship, family or otherwise, is trust.

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