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Schizoid personality disorder is not to be confused with schizotypal personality disorder.Despite the similar names, they’re quite different.

The person remains in touch with reality, unlike some other mental illnesses.Generally, the person will avoid social activities and interaction with others.They can function in ordinary life but will struggle to develop meaningful, personal relationships.If you’re friends with someone who has the disorder, the social disconnection can also make it difficult to support them. They can occur at different times in life, and some have a more severe impact on mental health than others.“Personality” refers to the way we, as individuals, understand and relate to the world, how we see ourselves in it, and to our behavior patterns.

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  1. That doesn't mean men don't seek intimacy, love, and connection in a relationship, just as women do. "Women want to talk first, connect first, then have sex," Perel explains. Sex is the language men use to express their tender loving vulnerable side," Perel says.