Dating and conversation

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Ignore any negative comments If your date is sarcastic or makes negative comments, gloss over them in a breezy fashion and move the conversation on to something more pleasant. You can always analyse such comments with your friends later and see if they really were that annoying but do not be reactionary on a date.

You are already in super critical mode and you are bound to be making subjective judgements after such a short time together.

Dating a drunk is not an attractive proposition for anyone on a first date so avoid descending into the realms of slurred speech by drinking responsibly, sip your drink slowly and order water for the table or have a soft drink after every alcoholic one.

When we are apprehensive about what the other person is thinking our attraction level dwindles, but how do you get the right balance of showing your date you like them without appearing too desperate?

It is a universally acknowledged fact that communication is mainly down to non-verbal factors like body language with only 20-25% coming from verbal communication so it is good to look at the whole impression that you are giving off and not just what you say.

Focusing on conversation content only can make you come across a little stiff and lacking authenticity, so it is important to feel confident in yourself inside and out.

Knowing what your date’s body language means can reassure you and help move the conversation in a direction that will make them warm towards you.

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