Dating and mental health

To avoid some of that hurt, try these quick mental health tips.

If your significant other goes out and you know they’re with attractive people, it can make you start comparing yourself to others who your partner interacts with.

Unreasonable expectations can put too much pressure on a relationship early on.

It’s important to be present in each stage of the relationship.

Examining what you’re afraid of can be helpful when it comes to examining your anxiety.

You cannot address an issue you are unable to clearly identify.

Find a balance between being in the state of mind where you want to have fun and being vulnerable.

Falling in love is risky, beautiful, and like nothing else in the world.

We can’t help who we like, but we can help who we choose to date.

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Dating can be a truly enlivening experience — introducing you to new ideas and types of people.

Finding a balance that opens you up to the benefits and joys of dating and relationships, without sacrificing your mental health, is the key to happy romantic connections.

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But don’t let that dissuade you from moving forward with your love interest.

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