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Another spontaneous thing musicians are known for is cheating.Not saying every musician cheats, but they are not known as the most faithful breed.Women are attracted to many things when it comes to a man and his occupation.Although having a lot of money is nice, women do not specifically want that in a man.Their emotional and creative nature can make for some interesting arguments.Artist also tend to be more emotional than other men, so if you are a women who does not want a man who is too in touch with his emotions, an artist is not for you. A man can go from a 6 to a 9 just by picking up and playing his guitar.Women like caring, strong, intelligent and confident men, and the following career choices all include one or more of these characteristics.Just because a man does one of the following ten jobs, does not mean that’s all it takes to seduce the woman of your choosing.

Musicians are known to be passionate and confident lovers.

They can fix your computer, replace the cracked screen on your i Phone and print you a new case on their 3D printers.

Most engineers are nerds, but a lot of them can be very sexy nerds and the hottest part is that they don’t even know how cute they are.

It's not like you won't date a guy if he's a bank teller, but let's face it, that’s not the most intriguing job.

Most women don’t admit this, but what a man does adds to his attraction.

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