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Berliner, former provost at Hofstra University, said he pushed hard to establish the institution's policy prohibiting romantic relationships between employees and students where a supervisory or evaluative relationship exists.

Hofstra also has a policy in which an employee can’t supervise a faculty member when they are in a relationship.

The closer administrators get to the faculty, the more complicated things become, however, Olivas said.

Stanford says that Saloner properly disclosed his relationship from the beginning, and that others at the university took responsibility for final decision-making matters about Phills and his spouse.

But what about faculty-faculty relationships, or faculty-administrator relationships?

An ongoing legal case resulting in a dean’s resignation from Stanford University raises questions about what policies or best practices govern employee romance.

Instead, experts said, best practices should be applied.

The Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences, a national association for arts and sciences deans, for example, has no official statement or position on faculty-dean relationships. Mc Cord, a member of the organization’s board of directors and dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Northern Illinois University, addressed the issue based on his experience working within public universities.

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