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The fabric of most happy long-term relationships is woven with dedication, consideration, patience, mutual support, and increasingly, Netflix marathons.Romantic relationships with partners who have bipolar disorder (BP) are no different.Like with any aspect of your life, there is no golden rule that you have to disclose sensitive information on the first date or the tenth.Explain that there will be periods of time where you are affected by the illness and that you’re going through treatment to manage it. Avoid aggressive confrontation if your partner is experiencing a manic or depressive episode.Tell them that they will return to a healthy mood soon.After an episode, remind them the next day of their actions (they may forget) and gently recommend seeing a doctor if the behavior persists.As a patient, your perception of your illness defines your success in life and relationships.If you or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, or you would like to find out more information about these conditions, you may find it helpful to talk to your doctor or local medical health professional.

Learn how to deal with your bipolar husband so that you can have a healthy, rewarding marriage.Avoid blaming the illness for non-related daily behaviors. If you’re not able to keep plans or commit to things, avoid resting the blame on your illness. Calmly and logically talk through any extraordinary, illogical sudden ideas they might have.It’s possible to cancel just because you don’t feel like it or say no because you genuinely don’t like someone. Talk to your partner about the best course of action for before, during and after an episode since the solution can’t be sorted out when it occurs. Ask what triggers should be avoided, e.g., sad movies, specific social environments, alcohol or drugs. If that doesn’t work, distract them with a more manageable exciting idea, such as eating something new or visiting an undiscovered part of town. Before a significant episode, your partner may show some early indicators that their mood will change significantly.The only way to manage it is with treatment and transparency.”Angela shares her suggestions for maintaining a healthy relationship if you or your partner have BP.Tips for bipolar partners: Talk openly about BP with your date or partner whenever you feel comfortable with it.

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