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If you can stay single and deal with the loneliness, it's a huge learning opportunity.“It can actually be a time to learn more about oneself and experience the greatest self-growth,” psychotherapist Mary Beth Somich, MA, Ed M, LPCA tells Bustle.“Be fearless, and put yourself out there – you are worth it for someone to meet!” If you and the person you're seeing aren't actually that good together, you may find yourself only spending default time with each other.At their worst, as researchers are finding, they cause unhealthy habits and make people feel worse.

In her newest study, she and her colleagues at Ohio State University studied the dating app usage and behavioral patterns of 269 undergraduate students with experience using one or more dating apps.

Sure, it's great— and important— to be able to be quiet and relaxed with someone. It feels heavy and painful and makes you feel all knotted up. You need to sit with them and prove to yourself that you can face them down.

But if all you're doing is watching Netflix and getting takeout, you need to think about whether you're really clicking or just finding someone to fill the space. So avoid being in a relationship just so you don't feel lonely because, if you can hold out, there are better things waiting down the line.

But you need to power through that feeling and try to keep going on your own.

If you keep learning and growing, you'll be in a much better place when you do meet someone.

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