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To figure out what cheating really looks like, spoke with 10 women about infidelity and what it looks like to cheat and to be cheated on.“I was in a relationship where my boyfriend would constantly text other girls that he loved them—platonically.It made me feel uncomfortable because some of these girls were women he’d previously dated.It was a devastating experience.”“My husband of 20 years always traveled a lot for business, so I didn't think much when he got a new client and started traveling there half a dozen times a year or more.After one of those trips, he sent me an email to tell me he ‘wasn't happy’ in our marriage but I still didn't put it all together.

“Either form can have a negative impact on the relationship.” someone ends up feeling betrayed.

She bullied me relentlessly and he gaslighted me at every turn.

I think they got more thrill from the abuse they put me through than from the actual affair.

I believed that it was something we could fix with counseling given that we'd been together since college and had two lovely children together.

Eventually, he left our children and me and we divorced.

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The photo of them together was so heartbreaking—they looked to the whole world like a happy couple, and clearly, he had no shame about presenting them as such to her friends or ours, even as he maintained that his primary relationship was with me.

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