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In August 1978, the Huiyang District Committee reported to the Provincial Committee on the “Report on the Request for the Change of Bao'an County to Shenzhen”.On 18 October, the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee decided to change Bao'an County into Bao'an City and to turn it into a medium-level prefecture-level city with a foreign trade base.Since then, this area has seen human activity for more than 6,700 years ago, with Shenzhen's historic counties first established 1,700 years ago, and the historic towns of Nantou (now present day Nanshan District) and Dapeng, which was built on the area that is now Shenzhen, established more than 600 years ago.

To prevent insurgency from Ming loyalists under Zheng Chenggong, better known as Koxinga, in the Chinese coast, the recently established Qing administration re-organized coastal provinces.

As a result, Xin'an County lost two-thirds of its territory to the neighboring Dongguan County, and was later incorporated into Dongguan in 1669, though Xin'an was restored about 15 years later, in 1684.

As of 1688, there were 28 towns in Xin'an County, of which one of the towns is named Shenzhen.

Strike workers were also given pickets and armored vehicles by the strike committee to create a blockade around Hong Kong.

In 1931, a number of casinos, the largest of which being Shumchun Casino, were established by the family of Chen Jitang in Shenzhen.

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In 214 BC(E), when Emperor Qin Shi Huang unified China under the Qin Dynasty, the area went under the jurisdiction of the established Nanhai County, one of three counties that were set up in Lingnan, and was assimilated into Zhongyuan culture.

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