Dating etiquette in spain

Corporate gifts or books about your country are also welcome gifts, and a bottle of whisky or brandy would also make a useful alternative gift, if you have nothing else to offer.As Spanish people are generally brand and quality conscious, it is advisable to offer only high-quality items, preferably of a reputable brand. If you are invited to a Spanish home, you should take presents for the family members and suitable gifts may include a box of chocolates, sweets, souvenirs or flowers.

Thus, it is important to dress in a manner that demonstrates professionalism, style and a serious approach to business.In Spain being late is usually not considered impolite and deadlines are often considered as objectives to be met where possible, but are not viewed as binding. Spain, business people do not usually give gifts to each other.Nevertheless, only 12% of companies require social or environmental audits from their suppliers to verify their activities.Useful links: Ministry of Labour and Immigration Further information on: Spanish people do not share the same concept of time as other western European nations.

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