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’ But it’s hard for a man to say the same words when he’s watching his fantasy being enacted right in front of his own eyes.

Perhaps he could force it out of his mouth, but not without an unbearable pressure below his belt.

But anyways, you do know how awesome it is to see a sight like that, don’t you? Now getting an opportunity to watch them do a bit of lip service to each other right in front of your eyes? #1 The promiscuous minxes Do girls know that men can’t help but buckle at the knees when two or more girls fondle each other at a club? It isn’t hard for them to offer a bit of lip service once in a while. [Read: 6 sneaky ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it! Now we’re happy realizing that they’ve made us feel happy and they’re happy knowing that we’re feeling happy, literally or otherwise.

[Read: The foolproof guide to hooking up with girls and make out with them] Now I wonder why we guys love lesbian kisses even though we’re not getting any action or why we love watching two girls making out with each other, more than anything else that can turn us on. ] But on the other hand, we have them promiscuous minxes. #2 The drunk hotties Now these girls don’t know what they’re doing.

It doesn’t matter if the two girls are just holding hands while crossing the street, giggling into each other’s shoulders or grinding provocatively against each other at a dance club.

[Read: 20 sexy things about girls that turn a guy on when he sees a girl] Men just love the idea of two girls doing anything together! why do girls have to do that to each other when they have us men?

Whether it will end with an “I-can’t-feel-you-inside-me”, “are-you-hungry-eat-me” or a cute little cuddly snuggle is left to how drunk and appreciative they are of each other and their bodies.

[Read: 13 untold sex secrets every guy needs to know] My first experience with those sexy kissing girls A few years ago, while clubbing at one of those parties that are full of college girls, I had the privilege, nay, the honor and the pleasure of a jaw dropping experience that I would cherish forever.

There they were, two gorgeous girls in those oh-so-hot clothes.

[Read: 10 real reasons why guys get turned on watching girls fight each other] Why do guys love two girls together?

As a guy, as hard as you may think otherwise, you can never deny the ‘fact’ that two hot girls making out in front of you will have more than just your hands in the air. Turn around and ask your man if I’m telling the truth.

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These two girls were gyrating against each other’s bodies, exchanging sweat and god-knows-what-else, and they seemed to be lost in each other’s lovely, slender arms.

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