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This system of governmental control existed in England until being outlawed by the Council of Trent in 1562.Much early exploration and trading was conducted through franchising.While Franklin may have established the first commercial franchise network in North America, there are numerous references in early American history to similar arrangements.Robert Fulton licensed his steamboats in the United States, England, Russia and India; the federal and local governments executed monopolistic licenses/franchises to build much of the nation’s electric and transportation infrastructure; and general stores at military outposts, the sale of livestock and other goods were built on a license/franchise arrangement that provided for exclusive territories and other rights.Following the establishment of the South Carolina print shop, Franklin went on to establish a series of similar relationships with James Parker (New York); Thomas Smith and Benjamin Mecom (Antigua); James Franklin Jr. I.); William Dunlap, Samuel Holland and John Henry Miller (Lancaster, Pa.) and Thomas Fleet (Boston) who published the “Boston Evening Post.” In addition to those whose names have been identified, Franklin also entered into relationships for the operation of print shops in Dominica, Jamaica, North Carolina, Georgia, Canada and Great Britain.

When Whitmarsh died in 1733, Franklin appointed Louis Timothé to operate the South Carolina printing business.

Commercial co-partnership/franchising relationships existed in England and Europe in the brewery industry.

In exchange for financial assistance, tavern owners agreed to purchase all of their beer and ale from the sponsoring breweries.

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In exchange for these land grants, the noblemen and church officials were required to protect the territory by establishing armies, and were free to set tolls and collect taxes, a portion of which was paid to the Crown.

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