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In response, I got the reassuring “No worries—I’m not a rapist” and a sarcastic “You’re such a nun.”For a (long) minute, I regretted downloading Tinder.

This unashamed sexual pressure was completely new and weird.

Don’t get me wrong—it’s not that hooking up isn’t a thing in France, but in general, once we find ourselves seeing someone multiple times, we’re both giving it our best shot to be in a relationship with commitments and sacrifices from the beginning.

To avoid an awkward situation, I simply told him that I wasn’t feeling it.In France, if you do try out a dating website or app, it’s not something you brag about to friends or share with your relatives.It’s definitely not the accepted norm in the way that it is here — just one of the many differences I’ve noticed between French and American people’s dating lives.I’ve never felt as much emotionally insecure as I have since I moved here.In France, you don’t ask someone to be your girlfriend or boyfriend unless you’re in kindergarten.

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