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The bibliography is the most up-to-date and is most likely the most definitive one in English.

This book should be required reading—in fact, careful .

This court accommodated poets and other essential personnel who were moving eastward as the central political and cultural power of the Moghul court in Old Delhi was in decline.

Here one also gets glimmerings of the influence of the East India Company on the development of Urdu prose, which would be used for both commercial and colonial needs.

15), including over a dozen South Asian and Middle Eastern classical and vernacular ones.

His (1808) is set up according to a method of using a thematic, or onomasiological, arrangement of words, where the user goes from concept to word.

He was criticized for this by those who believe that it inappropriate to include “extralinguistic or otherwise ‘encyclopedic’ information in dictionary entries” (p. Sayyid Ahmad also includes terms judged “abusive, indelicate or obscene” (p. This chapter also includes a discussion of the term (one who wears a hat) from its earlier, eighteenth-century meaning with pederastic associations to the later shift and modification in meaning in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Fallon, like Platts, served as inspector of schools in the Central Provinces. It must be noted that Fallon calls the language of his dictionary “Hindustani,” not Urdu.

Chapter 5, ”1900: Grasping at Straws,” addresses the dictionaries of S. Hakala indicates that, as its title suggests, this work “is notable today for having included for the first time a new range of lexicographical material such as folksongs, proverbs, conversational terms, and the speech of women” (pp.

id=50492 Urdu and Hindi Usually when people pick up a dictionary of any language to look up the meaning of a word, it is likely that they do so without considering what went into making that work available. Hakala offers cogent, in-depth answers to these questions as well as others he raises in his discussion of how Urdu lexicological works, especially dictionaries, have been used in the past and continue to be used today for the literary and scientific advancement of the language, but, in the case of South Asia, for religious and political ends as well.

The first, Munshi Ziya al-Din Ahmad Barni (1890-1969), is the author of ) or in the hands of their appointed officers” (pp. The definition continues for another eight lines in such a way that it could easily be read as a veiled call for India’s independence from Great Britain.

Others of his definitions—for example, (independent)—carry a similar semantic load.

155-56), a major departure from previous criteria for inclusion.

In the introduction, Fallon complains about the resistance he felt from his Indian assistants, who seemed to feel that the everyday language, “‘the language of vulgar, illiterate people’” (p.

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