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Marriages are very expensive and on top of that, the girl’s side has to give dowry to the groom’s family in order to execute a marriage.

This makes the condition even worse for women in Nepal. The family has to agree and also be able to afford the marriage.

If the boys are Muslim, they may try to find Nepali Muslim girl for marriage. Nepalese people have great faith in cultural and religious customs.

They perform traditional, cultural and religious customs regularly.

In this manner, it is a formal connection between a man and ladies.

Many things are to be considered before agreeing to marry a girl.

She has to make sure the family is the right fit, that she gets along with all the members of the family well.

And they want to make the family creation with the combination of two heart one must be the Nepalese girls. As the Nepalese tradition is different and the girls also know bitterly their rights and duties to follow and act in the family in husband home that might be the one reason for eager the marriage proposal making published.

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Marriage for Nepali people is not an individual issue, it is a communal occasion instead.

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