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The Three Muses (or Three Graces) are some of my favorites, and I really love seeing ones with crazy hair, pearl strands (cameos of busts wearing jewelry are called ), or very detailed village scenes, usually with a couple in some romantic setting.I still daydream about the masterfully carved huge (bigger than an egg) brooches I saw in the Italian pavilion of the JCK Las Vegas show several years ago.I don’t recall what they were carved in, but the backgrounds were chocolate brown and they were stunning. Left: Art Deco 10k white gold filigree brooch with hand-carved shell cameo of the Three Graces (The Three Muses), circa 1920s, 5. Right: Platinum Art Deco coral cameo pendant necklace with diamond, emerald and onyx accents, ,500.

Many of the cameos are set in sterling silver or burnished silver. The shell cameos, imported from Italy, are all signed on the back by the master carver Gennaro Borriello who owns the studio.Whether carved in carnelian shell or the rare sardonyx shell, mother-of-pearl or agate, cameos have an exquisite classic beauty that has held the attention of generations.And cameos make memorable gifts: they’re great for graduation, Mothers’ Day, Valentines day or your wedding anniversary.As far back as 15,000 BC, petroglyphs — figures carved into rock — were used to record significant events and communicate information.In ancient times people used cameos to depict an ethic or moral, or to make a statement about their faith or loyalties.

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