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That frisson of fight/flight will find you in any of America’s National Parks. (Oh.) The park encourages hikers to wear jingling bells to scare away bears and always carry bear spray -- especially if walking alone.

For the full experience, I can recommend Glacier, in Montana. , or a surprise Lord’s Prayer during the final mile, it’ll sound like a shout. Getting to the end of a trail, or coming upon a peak and taking in an otherworldly view shrinks you down to size, and reminds you that nature really runs this bitch. You’re about to binge on the planet’s best museums, and nothing spoils a woolgathering stroll, or long meditative sit, or distracted sprint in a museum as surely as other people.

Some beach towns (like Shell Island) double as campgrounds, so you can pitch a tent and fall asleep to sounds of waves in the countryside.

Wales is a safe country overall, which is obviously a plus for solo escapades.

Years ago, as a tenderfoot tourist in Bangkok, I found myself adopted by a Thai celeb couple and their posse at a Lady Gaga concert, treated afterward to a night of VIP bottle service and boogying at Bangkok’s best club.

It was a colorful chance encounter, one that Bangkok creates like nowhere else.

You’ll befriend foreigners you might not usually gel with, united simply by shared experiences -- those WTF moments of navigating a chaotic hub that swings between electrifying and claustrophobic.

One friend told me he lived in Seville for years and never saw the inside of his best friend’s house.The Expedia app is the ultimate travel companion, with exclusive deals and in-destination tools to help turn your travel goals into solid plans.Bangkok is a “one size fits all” kind of place, a concrete jungle teeming with divergent personalities and crisscrossing travelers getting on in mellow symbiosis.The solo traveler doesn't have to hunt for other people's luggage at airports, or wait for somebody to shop or nap or pee.He can sit at the bar and eavesdrop on a new town, or become an instant celebrity with a round of shots and a single well-told joke. The solo traveler is a tiny country -- population: 1 -- ruled by a benevolent autocrat, with a single vote to count on any popular referendum.

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