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However, the site is now strictly monitored, so there is no way to contact someone without paying.In fact, you cannot read a message from someone without first subscribing to the site.

This could be their email address, phone number, or even offensive content (bad words for example). ] over the unallowed content, preventing our other members from seeing it.

For more than 12 years of providing a reliable dating app to single users in more than 80 countries worldwide, Zoosk has remained to be one of the preferred dating sites.

Since its launch, it has gained over 40 million singles and has ranked in several lists such as The Next Big Thing of The Wall Street Journal.

"Hmm, she sounds nice, but what the hell is a "zinc typewriter"? Rejection is a temporary freeze on the account made by the admin of Latin Love Search until the profile content conforms to our standards.

Zinc Typewriter will only have a couple of results, and hopefully, one of them will be the email decoder page! If your profile has been "rejected," change the content and resubmit for admin approval.

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  1. I know how the usual set up goes for this kind of thing but it's not happening... Seeing your screen name reminds me of my favorite Fleetwood Mac song. So you're just going to die when you hear how I fixed the problem...