Dating someone who is opposite of you

But how much of this is true and how much of the law of attraction remains with the application of science?

We’ve sought to uncover just how dating someone your polar opposite affects your relationship.

Academic research indicates that opposites indeed do not attract in most relationships, however, there's always exceptions. The only thing I know is if you don't show interest back or take him up on a date if he asks, you'll never get to find out.

I think it depends on if the opposite exhausts you. Also now I've got Jacob Dylan songs stuck in my head I took a class on co-dependence.

But if you like to be/do like that other person and just have a hard time initiating it yourself?

As long as I’ve been interested in dating, I’ve heard, find someone your polar opposite.

So can a relationship really work if you’re polar opposite?

This is the age-old question plaguing people in relationships—or trying to be in relationships—for as long as time.

If you find someone too much like you, you’ll get bored.

I think the key is to look for someone that complements, not necessarily an opposite. Example, I'm a terrible cook, nor do I like cooking, so a big upside for me when dating is someone that likes to cook. An example of that would be someone that wants to go to trendy clubs every weekend. As long as they find my personality, nerdiness, quick wit, and sociability to be part of my charm it's no big deal. And as never married, no kids I also value being alone. I'm attracted to it more then crazy extroverts like me. Two wallflowers might be too reserved to show each other the full measure of affection they both want.

Yeah I can do that once in a while, but that's not me, nor will it ever be me, nor do i want it to ever be me, We would be opposed and drive each other nuts over time, so I wouldn't want to move very far dating someone like that. A wallflower and a life of the party might draw out the best in each other the way noone else can.

I have never had a LTR with another anchor and honestly don't see how it could work! I help in the home but the mental work is what he does. I think all people appreciate the flexibility of not always being trapped by a label.

At our engagement party my dad yelled at me for just walking around talking to people while my fiancé cooked and got food prepped. Plus, these are likely continuums, so we’d probably adapt to being more of an anchor or a wind, depending on the other person’s relative positioning. Two life of the party personalities might both crave attention and be really bad for each other.

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