Dating someone with colostomy bag

I've had a partners sex drive disappear because of his medical issues, both due to the illness but also the unpleasantness of dealing with it. Most of us aren't going to be in perfect health throughout our lives without some assistance. Didn't even read that comment first...(To preface: I do not date.)From the brief times I've shadowed a GI, the men and women with colostomy bags by and large were married or had significant others.

The youngest was not yet 18, the oldest was older than I can estimate with accuracy.

The bags aren't transparent, and there's no weird smells or anything.

But i have problems with my "back door", things like internal hemorhoids and Anusitis. But i am really worried that I might need a colostomy bag later in life. But i was just wondering, what would happen if i NEEDED to get one right now, would i still be able to get a date?

It would honestly be a pretty high hurdle to clear. I dont know anything about colostomy bags other than they hold your waste. Especially if they smell, ive been told that they smell.

If you were with someone who cared about you and loved you, I'm sure she wouldn't mind.

And if you're looking for a new girl, someone who can't look past it and accept you for you obviously isn't the one! Don't know man I am a 20 year old soldier with one I have a chance of getting it taken down later this year but things haven't been the best.

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If I was in a pretty serious, committed relationship, I would definitely. My parents have been together for over 20 years, and she helped him with everything.

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