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We play their game because we’re so in love with the chase.Once all the chasing and drama ends, we might not like the person after all.[Read: 9 relationship stages all couples go through] Uncertainty in relationships Uncertainty becomes unhealthy it when goes on for a long time *more than a year* and both parties are not talking about it or doing anything to push the relationship forward. I have nothing to lose anyway.” But in reality, you do have a lot to lose.Here are some of the reasons why it’s dangerous to stay in a relationship full of uncertainty.If you lost your job, should you expect the other person to pay for your bills?The lack of certainty in a relationship is beneficial only to the one who wants a carefree life.Unless you manage your expectations and do something about your relationship, these toxic thoughts lead you to a downward spiral.You start to believe you are not deserving of the kind of love you want, so in effect, you just accept the things given to you. You are slowly trapped—a trap firmly meshed using your low self-esteem. [Read: We accept the love we deserve: Why aren’t you worthy? If you feel uncertain about your status as a couple or have not talked about your roles and limitations, it’s easy for either of you to not be accountable for the well-being of the other.

If you experience a rough time, should you demand they visit you so you’ll share your troubles or would that be too much?#1 Uncertainty can have a huge blow to your self-esteem.If you’re dissatisfied with the status of your relationship, you start blaming and feeling sorry for yourself. These questions haunt you and will be detrimental to your self-esteem.That would be one big, expensive, life-changing whoops for you.[Read: 18 emotions you should never feel in a happy relationship] #4 The chance of meeting the right person is greatly minimized.

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You enjoy each other but the fact the relationship isn’t moving forward keeps you up at night.

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